There is no perfect time to learn a second language. But one thing scientists agree on – children learn new languages more easily than grown-ups do on the condition that have regular contact with the language. A few phrases per day are definitely not enough.

That’s one of the reasons why we at Eins Zwei Drei – Kinder in Gracia focus on an education completely in German and do not offer a bilingual concept. Here in Barcelona our children are growing up in a Spanish/Catalan environment and are learning these languages in their daily life, with their family and friends. Eins Zwei Drei – Kinder in Gracia offer a daily linguistic oasis where infants can dive into the German language.

Our staff – all native speakers – talk to the children in German all day long. Our activities entail verbal communication thus giving the children a first-hand experience of the German language. The children learn the language in a natural and effortless way.

In our daily morning circle the children come together to sing, play and tell their stories. Our kindergarten teachers motivate all the children to speak, especially those who need more encouragement.

Our educators accompany every action with comments, following the concept of Emmi Pickler. Language and body language play a decisive role in our daily routine.

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